Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Are you up to the task?

Thursday, November 19, 2020

In a context where globalization is always increasing, there’s a need for professionals who are able to determine how goods and services are going to go from point A to point B.

As simple as it might seem (moving things from point A to point B) it is a very difficult task because we are not talking about one small item that has to travel a short distance (that can be difficult too), we are talking about moving hundreds, thousands, millions of goods from one place to another. And this last thing can mean from north to south within a country to from western to eastern hemisphere and vice versa. 

Industries are getting bigger and bigger, and goods are being commercialized and acquired globally. So, if the whole world is full of your company’s branches, you need them to have all they need in order to fulfill the demand in their respective locations, and that is a matter of logistics.

There are many aspects involved in this area: from picking the safest, fastest, cheapest transportation method to acquire and dispatch goods, to being able to solve unpredictable problems in a matter of seconds, and having the ability to understand the trends and needs of a global market. All of this relies on a capable logistics professional. 

Just think about this: a company can have a great idea and develop an excellent, useful, and largely demanded product. But, if that good never reaches the hands of the customers, the company will never succeed. The correct delivery of a precise amount of goods to a specific location is a key part of the overall functioning of the market, without it, nothing can work. 

Plus, there is always a challenge that can never be accomplished in its entirety: make things cheaper. This means that despite you actually succeed at finding a way to get things done in terms of transportation, there is always a way to reduce costs. From small details like changing the type of fuel used on the vehicles to changing routes and locations, there is always a way of reducing costs that is waiting to be discovered.

If you think you are up to the task, that you have the skill set required to perform this job, then you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in this field. Of course, a master’s degree would be better, but we all have to start from the beginning. So, earning a bachelor’s degree might be your first step and the key to join an ever-growing industry. Plus, if you are able to pursue it through online learning, you would have enough time to work and study, which might lead to you analysing your workplace with the lens of the knowledge you acquire during your studies. 

In South Africa, this bachelor’s degree is offered in some universities, sometimes without the possibility to pursue it through online learning, but there is one institution that fulfills both these requirements: The Independent Institute of Education

Their bachelor’s degree (called Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management) has a minimum length of three years and offers online learning as a way to pursue it. 

So, if you are interested in this bachelor’s degree and the possibility of earning it through online learning, click here for more information.

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