Bachelor of Business Administration: What are its Advantages?

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Business Administration is one of the most popular fields of study among online bachelor's degrees. There are several reasons why students choose this area of study instead of any of the other online programmes available.

Academic Content

These online bachelor's degrees provide their students with knowledge and skills in several areas such as accounting, human resource management, business management, marketing, logistics and supply chain management, etcetera. The amount of theoretical knowledge acquired during the course of these online programmes is huge, and it allows its students to learn different concepts and characteristics from several fields within the economic spectrum.

Of course, this also means that graduates from these online bachelor's degrees (the ones related to business administration) are able to work in different areas within a company. This implies that their career options are many, since once they have become professionals, they will have obtained the knowledge and skills required to perform different tasks in multiple areas, and are not only limited to business management.

Career Opportunities

Once students graduate from these online programmes, they are allowed to pursue several career paths, which is something not as common as it sounds. Having knowledge related to the fundamentals of business administration makes them capable of becoming sales managers, cost estimators, management analysts, general managers, and more. Of course, the choice is for them to make. They can specialize in a particular field or work in several different ones until they find the one they like the most.


Graduates from these online programmes are very demanded: job opportunities are constant and increase with time. This to the point where the number of professionals who work in this field is lower than the availability of jobs. This leads to a high salary, which means that graduates from these online programmes can rest assured that they are going to have a good quality of life due to a high income.

In South Africa, there are several online bachelor's degrees related to business administration available for you to study. For instance, you can consider the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing offered by The Independent Institute of Education. This programme, unlike other online programmes in the same field, emphasizes marketing, providing its students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in business administration with a marketing approach.

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