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Master of Science in Food and Nutrition Security

The Master of Science in Food and Nutrition Security in Personal and Culinary Services is offered by Stellenbosch University.

Program Length: 2 YEARS.

Master of Science in Food and Nutrition Security offered by the Stellenbosch University

Programme Content

This structured programme is presented mainly by means of technology-mediated teaching and learning, in combination with courses presented on campus. This programme comprises twelve theoretical modules and a research assignment (33% of the total credits). If the academic year extends over 40 weeks, it is expected of the student to utilise 22,5 notional hours per week to complete the programme.

First Year
Compulsory Modules

  • Conceptualising food systems
  • Food safety, hazards & risks
  • Human economic development
  • Agriculture-nutrition linkages
  • Food processing & preservation
  • Introduction to epidemiology
  • Macro- & micronutrients & health
  • Functional foods & GMO’s
  • Food chains and consumers 
Second Year
Compulsory Modules

  • Assessing food security
  • Food security project analysis
  • Food & nutrition policies
  • Research assignment (Human Nutrition) or
  • Research assignment (Agricultural Economics) or
  • Research assignment (Food Science)

Assessment and Examination
Final marks for the theoretical modules will consist of a class mark (35% – SUNLearn discussions, assignments, tasks) and a written examination (65%). You must obtain a minimum of 50% to pass all individual modules.The final mark for the research assignment will consist of the following:
  • 10% protocol;
  • 70% research assignment; and
  • 20% oral examination/presentation of results.
The final mark for the degree consists of 67% course work and 33% research assignment.

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