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Friday, June 26, 2020

If you are passionate about helping others through tough situations, then a career in Nursing is the right one for you. Nurses are of paramount importance to the healthcare field since they work together with doctors in order to improve the patients well-being. If you want to study Nursing, then you should consider checking out the top programmes in Nursing offered by Stellenbosch University

Nurses have a multi-dimensional job. They work on a medical team and directly with patients, performing lab work and researching treatment methods, consulting families and setting up long-term patient care plans. It is highly important that nurses possess the necessary skills to manage their day-to-day duties. Nursing degree programs aim to foster and develop these skills in students, so that they are best prepared for a real-world career:

  • Nurses must have communication skills to collaborate with doctors, other nurses and medical staff to provide the best possible patient care. Also, they need to know how to compassionately and empathetically communicate with patients and families to explain their situations. 
  • Critical-thinking skills are critical for nurses because they must know how to act and solve problems under pressure. They must know how to assess the health conditions and progress of their patients, as well as how to take corrective action when it is needed.
  • Nurses also need organizational skills because they work with multiple patients with different health needs at the same time.
  • Nurses must possess technical training and skills  to monitor and manage advanced medical equipment, as well as systems that hold patient information on a daily basis.
  • Nurses administer medications and treatments, perform diagnostic tests and procedures, operate medical equipment, and observe patients and health conditions regularly. That’s why it is important that they have clinical skills, that is to say, they must know  how to do everything that pertains to the clinical aspects of their career, from taking blood to analyzing it in the lab, from performing vital sign tests and EKGs to monitoring critical conditions.

Why study Nursing at Stellenbosch University

Nursing has a great career outlook and job security.
If you are looking to get into the field of nursing, now is the time to do so because employment of registered nurses is growing rapidly.

A bright job outlook means great job security for registered nurses in the coming years. Because even amidst job recessions and a slowly recovering economy, there will always be a need for quality healthcare. There will always be a need for nursing professionals.

There is a diversity of career options in a variety of different healthcare settings.
One aspect that makes nursing a great career option is that there are many job opportunities available to graduates holding a degree. The types of nursing career paths are endless. You may study forensic or travel nursing, holistic or pediatric nursing, case management to medical journalism, among many others.

Nursing is a rewarding career focused on helping others.
The greatest reason why most people choose to study nursing is that it is a rewarding and satisfying field. Nurses are trusted and respected professionals. Their main aim is to help others and improve their health and overall wellbeing. They are focused on saving lives or making them a little better.

This is why so many nurses love what they do. The hard work, pressure, and occasional long hours are worth it when they see their patients grow and get better, when they see the difference they have made in someone’s life.

Stellenbosch University is a top higher education institution offering top quality nursing programmes that will provide you with all the skills previously mentioned and the knowledge you need to become the best nurse you can be.

The following are top-quality nursing programmes offered by Stellenbosch University. The programmes offered include bachelor's degrees, bachelor's with honours, master's degrees, and postgraduate diplomas:

Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery

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