How much does a Neurologist earn in South Africa?

Tuesday, 05 April 2022

Medicine is a very complex field and every specialist makes a different amount of money every month. In this article we share with you all you need to know about the salary of a neurologist in South Africa

The medicine field is filled with different specialists who are willing to put into practice everything they have learned so as to save someone's life or make it better.  Neurologists are part of this group.

The role of a Neurologist

A neurologist is medically trained to perform a diagnose, treat and manage conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord, and disorders of the nerves and muscles that activate movement and transmit sensations from around the body to the brain. Although they are not professionally trained to do any type of surgery, that is the role of a neurosurgeon.

These specialists are trained to work either with the brain, back and neck pain, and a host of other illnesses ranging from trigeminal neuralgia to head injury and Parkinson's disease.

Neurologists see their patients in a clinic or surgery. Many work both in public and private hospitals. Plus, some of these professionals may work alongside other specialists and health professionals as part of a team, such as a hospital stroke team or critical care team, this will depend mainly on the case they are treating at the moment.

The salary of a Neurologist in South Africa

Although there are some external facts one should take into consideration when talking about a salary such as the economic situation; there is also some aspect of the professional itself that determines how much money they will make, for example, their experience and their formation. 

Nevertheless, leaving behind all the factors that made have an influence, it is possible to say that the average base salary of a neurologist in South Africa is 1.896.860 ZAR. In the case you are just starting, then it is 1.278.735 ZAR, but if you are already a Senior, then the amount grows to 2.514.651 ZAR.

A career as a Neurologist is considered one of the best pays in South Africa in the area of medicine during 2022.

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