Cyber Security: An Online Certificate for the Future

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Get to know one of the online programmes that will have the spotlight in the future.

There are a lot of online certificates available for you to pursue. Some online programmes are related to more traditional fields of study, and others are there waiting for their turn to shine. In this case, despite cybersecurity not being a new thing, it is now the time when it is starting to grow in popularity since people are recognizing how important it has become.

During the course of online certificates in general, students learn about several topics within a short amount of time. In the case of a certificate in cybersecurity, it works pretty much the same way. Despite which one you pick from the variety of online programmes offered within this field, you will be taking a look at the way cyber-attacks often work, and how to protect both a computer individually or a whole network. 

The goal of cybersecurity-related online certificates (and online programmes in general) is to provide its students with the knowledge and skillset required in order to prevent people’s data from getting stolen, as well as computer networks from being attacked in any way.

This is a very important matter because society is relying more and more every day on virtuality. There is a fair amount of data that doesn’t have a physical backup, that only exists within networks and inside our computers. So, protecting it is like taking care of our wallets and goods at our houses.

There is also the fact that these online programmes prepare its students for jobs that are constantly growing: it doesn’t matter what a company does, it will need a cybersecurity professional to take care of its virtual platforms. And if you decide to become that professional, you can have the chance to be a hero by stopping an attack or by making its platforms nearly impossible to be harmed.

In South Africa, many institutions offer online certificates related to cybersecurity. However, the Pearson Institute of Higher Education has a great offer: the Higher Certificate in Information Systems Cyber Security. Like some of their other online certificates, this one has a minimum length of one year. 

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