Bachelor of Commerce: Why is it a great alternative?

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

When it comes to online programmes related to economics, such as online bachelors degrees, BBAs are the ones students choose the most. But there is a good alternative: the Bachelor of Commerce.

Online bachelor's degrees are very popular within online programmes in general since many students around the world choose them every year. One of the most chosen areas of study is Economy. The thing is that, in most cases, business administration is in the centre of the spotlight, and other great alternatives, such as the Bachelor of Commerce degree, remain unknown to many. 

Why should you choose a Bachelor of Commerce degree?

If you are looking to enroll in any of the online programmes related to economics available out there, you should see which one suits you best: depending on your interests, the approach you want to have to the economy as a whole, what you want your future job to be, etcetera.

These online bachelor's degrees provide their students with deep knowledge about economics, making them experts in different fields such as Accounting, Economics, Taxation and Finance. It is more focused on theory than the BBAs, so if you are interested in understanding the economy and the day to day tasks companies and organisations perform, a Bachelor of Commerce degree should be your first choice.

Plus, these online bachelor's degrees (all the BComs available) prepare their students for different career paths: once they have graduated, they can become accountants, auditors, entrepreneurs who start their own businesses, etcetera. It also prepares them to work in both the private and public sector, so they will have many job opportunities.

If you are interested in economics in a more theoretical way and you want to become an expert in businesses, understanding how they work and using your knowledge to improve their different areas, the Bachelor of Commerce degree is the right choice for you.

Where can you earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree?

In South Africa, the online bachelor's degrees offer is wide, so there are many institutions where you can enroll in this and other online programmes. For instance, the Pearson Institute of Higher Education offers the Bachelor of Commerce degree. This programme has a minimum length of three years and can be pursued completely through online learning.

If you want to get more information about this or any other online programmes available, you can begin your search by clicking here.

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