Higher Certificate in Fashion Design: Your Ticket into the Industry

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The world of fashion is quite exclusive, but you might have what it takes.

It is glamorous, and glamour is not available for everyone. Only a few can get to the top of the industry and give themselves the permission to be provocative, innovative and controversial. However, all of them, from the most famous designers to the upcoming ones, have the same background: certificates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in fashion design.

Why is that? Well, because despite art being subjective and talent and innovation being gifts only a few people have, there needs to be an academic background in order to understand what you are designing, how it is important, how it is related to the past and the future of both clothing and design itself. 

A certificate, bachelor’s or master’s degree provides you (in different ways, of course) with the knowledge you need to have about not only the history of clothing and design but also about how to create, sketch, how to pick the right materials to transform your abstract ideas into real-world physical objects. And there is another very important factor: only the academy can prepare you for the industry.

Of course, like in every other career and academic environment, it’s a great opportunity to make connections: like every elitist world, getting to be a part of it is extremely difficult and usually only possible if you are surrounded by the right people. So, during the course of the certificate, bachelor’s or master’s degree you are pursuing, you must focus on both studying and developing interpersonal relationships with those who seem to be talented.

And a final piece of advice if you allow me: try to become an expert in one area. It is great to aim for the stars and try a little of everything, but expertise is nothing but having a deep knowledge of a particular aspect within a wide field. 

So, in South Africa, there are several design institutions where you can pursue either a certificate, a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, but one of the most prestigious ones is the Inscape Education Group. In this institution, a Higher Certificate in Fashion Design is offered and it has a total length of one year. 

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