¿What can Sociology offer You?

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Online bachelor's degrees in sociology are not popular amongst online programmes, but they should be.

Students do not often choose to study sociology due to numerous reasons, one of the main ones is that there is no predetermined career path, unlike other online bachelor's degrees and online programmes in general, which offer them the possibility to start a career in a specific area.

However, this should not be taken as a solid reason to simply discard it without digging deeper into what online bachelor's degrees in sociology have to offer. This is why a quick look at sociology might be useful for those students who are feeling discouraged to enroll in these online programmes.

For starters, the wide spectrum of sociology: it is present in every aspect of human life. Sociological issues affect everything, from bigger things like what society thinks about itself and the world, to smaller ones, like how a city is organised and what role individuals play in it.

If you enroll in any of the online programmes related to sociology, you will be provided with the theoretical tools required to have a wider understanding of sociological issues like poverty, the role social institutions play in the configuration of society in both the physical and the mental dimensions, how social power is a very powerful double-edged sword, etcetera.

Online bachelor's degrees in sociology also provide you with a better understanding of your own life. How it is constantly being determined by both you and social structures and institutions, and how your position within these social institutions influence the way you acquire knowledge and interact with others.

Taking all this into account, sociology is a pretty interesting field that requires you to challenge yourself and your life conceptions and learn your way to a new understanding of how society works and what is your role within it.

In South Africa, many institutions offer online programmes related to sociology, for instance, one of them is the Cornerstone Institute. In this institution, the Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Sociology programme has a minimum length of three years and you can pursue it through distance learning modality.

If you are interested in getting more information on this programme (or maybe on any other online bachelor's degrees) you should click here.

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