Why Pursue a Bachelor in Industrial Psychology?

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Are you interested in the field of psychology and how it is implemented in the workplace to improve working conditions? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know about Industrial Psychology and the reasons why you should pursue a degree in this field.

Psychologists are in charge of studying and analyzing the human mind to explain our behavior by unraveling our deepest feelings with the aim of helping us deal with them.

Psychology is one of those fields of study that have a wide range of career options in many different areas of the field. For example, a psychologist can pursue a specialty in clinical, sports, educational, cognitive and perceptual, developmental, engineering, industrial psychology, among many others.

What is Industrial Psychology?

One of the areas psychologists can specialize in is industrial psychology. Let’s dig a little deeper into this area within the field of psychology.

Industrial psychology is concerned with the study of human behavior in the workplace. No matter what kind of company, industrial psychology is needed in textile companies, car manufacturers or any other kind of industry. 

Why are psychologists needed in companies? They play a major role in the workplace because they are in charge of listening to employees and their needs and worries. These professionals are the ones who make sure everything works right on track. 

They are also responsible for improving working relationships, worker’s productivity and behavior in order to boost the organization’s overall performance. 

Therefore, professionals who graduate from a Bachelor in Industrial Psychology have a major responsibility in the workplace, because their analysis will be the determining factor in the work-structure of a company. They will turn the workplace into a pleasant place for every employee, where they can feel comfortable while being productive.

How do Industrial Psychologists Help Businesses Improve their Productivity?

There are several things industrial psychologists do so as to allow businesses to thrive:


They focus on the layout of the office environment, since it can impact employees psychologically and physically, which in turn means they work less effectively. 

Organisational development

This area is mainly in charge of studying the structure of the organisation as a whole and giving pieces of advice on how to improve productivity through restructure and redesign.

Performance management

This means that psychologists are in charge of developing methods to measure employee performance in order to improve their quality of life in the workplace so as to, in turn, improve productivity.

Selecting employees

This is pretty self-explanatory, but some industrial psychologists focus on helping companies optimize their recruitment procedures. For example, they can help them develop effective assessment tests. 

Training and development

Industrial psychologists focus on identifying each employee’s role within the organization, the skills required to perform each role and, in turn, on developing training programs. 

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