Here’s why you should consider a career in Human Resources!

Monday, 08 August 2022

As South Africa embraces the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR) to implement new technologies in every industry, human capital retention and human resource professionals are key for this economic transformation. Here’s why you should consider a career in Human Resources!

In the next 10 years, South Africa will be transforming as new technologies are implemented to transform the economy as the digital revolution continues to develop.

As Human Resources (HR) experts are more needed than ever. We share some of the reasons  why you should consider a career in Human Resources!

Cyril Ramaphosa, president of South Africa explained that “the digital revolution is an opportunity to build an entrepreneurial State where the government's own appetite for risk and innovation inspires large scale entrepreneurship, where small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to find fertile ground to succeed and also unlock economic potential”.

Human Resource experts in demand

Since the priority for the south african government is to promote education, job offers, talent acquisitions, and human capital retention, the role of Human Resources (HR) becomes more relevant as the demand for HR experts is not being satisfied.

The massive influx of job offers that are being made across the globe has put the HR business on the spot for their inability to meet the demand of applicants. And the industry is facing major challenges because of it. Employers will need to step up their efforts to recruit and keep the best personnel.

If your intention is to advance in your profession, a bachelor's degree in human resources is one of the most popular options for students in South Africa as the are more likely to find a job because of the demand.

In an article from SA News, Ramaphosa explained that the government is committed to promote a skills revolution that will ensure that the country has the human capital required in the digital economy. 

The government expects to train  one million young students in data science and related skills by 2030 as they will be “introducing subjects such as coding and data analytics at primary school level to prepare our people for the jobs of the future”, explained President Ramaphosa through various partnerships the government has with Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA).

Since Human Resources is in charge of employment of new personnel and managing the workforce, HR experts are responsible for finding, screening, employing, and training job candidates in addition to overseeing employee benefit programs. Their main focus is overseeing the management of a company's most precious resource: its employees.

The success of any company truly relies on the job that human resources specialists do, so the company can operate as expected or even better, resulting in outcomes that are satisfactory to both employers and employees.


New Challenges in HR 

When there is a large volume of hiring, HR and TA leaders only have a brief window of time to evaluate a candidate's application before the applicant moves on to another opportunity. Rebecca Warren, director of customer success at Eightfold AI and webinar moderator explains for HR Executive.

According to Jaime Nielsen, chief people officer at an IT consultant, staying ahead of the curve is crucial since artificial intelligence will continue to play a bigger role in the way work is done. By 2025, tasks carried out by humans and AI would be split 50/50, according to her.

As recruiters attempt to emphasize skills and experience above job titles and academic requirements, AI-powered recruiting tools will establish new hiring practices to help firms locate the best candidates. One of these strategies to decrease inherent bias is through "unnamed searches," in which recruiters just look at a candidate's CV and ignore their name or background information.

The experts anticipated that these challenges for HR executives and recruiters will persist for some time. Businesses will actually need to increase their efforts if they want to attract and retain the best employees.


Improve your HR skills 

Owners of currently operating businesses or prospective employees will recognise your superior professional competence once you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree.

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in human resources obtain a comprehensive understanding of how companies, enterprises, or organizations operate as well as how to increase their competitiveness in the market by enhancing employee performance and building a positive workplace culture.

To ensure that you hire the most suitable people for the job—those that you can see are interested in working for the firm, will be loyal, and won't depart in a short period of time—you'll need to have the skills and the criteria you can earn with a bachelor's degree in human resources.

To ensure they have the necessary talents and meet the needs of the company, you must carefully and in-depthly evaluate possible employers.

Human resources professionals are essential to every firm because they are in charge of tasks like the ones listed below, just to name a few:

  • Decrease employee turnover. it costs twice as much to hire and train a new employee from scratch as it does to pay an existing employee.
  • Conflict resolution. Resolve disputes and disagreements, determining their underlying causes, and finding the best resolutions is the job of a human resources manager.
  • Employee satisfaction. This will boost output by fostering a positive work-life balance for employees.
  • Improve employee performance. As the direct outcome of employee satisfaction, performance will increase considerably if employees are happy. 

Why should you consider earning a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources?

A bachelor's degree in human resources will help you rise professionally and earn more money as you improve your academic performance.


1. Earning a bachelor's in human resources online can increase your professional options.

Even if you already have HR-related work experience, earning an HR bachelor’s degree will let you expand your expertise, gaining access to upper-level management positions.

2. After getting your online  bachelor's in human resources, you'll feel much more assured!

You can grow in your profession and increase your income by earning a bachelor’s degree in human resources.

There is no doubt that you will have the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in higher-level positions. Because earning an online bachelor's degree is difficult, it should be celebrated.

An advanced degree will provide you the information and confidence you'll need to make informed decisions and stand by them.

3. Boost your education

Students can pursue their education without having to make big changes to their careers or personal lives.

In order to continue preparing future generations of professionals to meet this demand, so many colleges now offer this degree.

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