Why Study Computer Science In South Africa?

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Global technology job opportunities reached a record of millions of technology and digital vacancies between January and May 2022. Today studying a computer science career online is key to achieving a better future. Find out how to start your undergraduate studies in computer science online.

Global tech job opportunities hit a record high of millions of tech and digital job vacancies between January and May 2022, according to data from job search engine Adzuna and analyzed by TechNation for the UK Digital Economy Council.

Over the past 10 months, tech companies have been hiring professionals, and employers' job postings for computer scientists hit a new high in May, according to an analysis of the latest employment data by a nonprofit association for the industry and the Information Technology (IT) workforce.

Only 121,000 of the 26.8 million software engineers in South Africa are actively working. It becomes evident why digital expertise is difficult to find for South African businesses when you consider that 38% of African developers work for at least one company outside of the continent.

In an article from Business Tech the former Investec Group chief information officer and founding member of the Academy of Accelerated Technology Education (AATE) Malcolm Laing, explains the shift from monolithic on-premises IT solutions to in-cloud rent-and-assemble models is further escalating the already insatiable need for tech expertise locally and globally.

The AATE is a new project by South African corporations that attempts to solve the country's record unemployment rate and the ongoing skills shortage in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, two major problems that the country is now facing.

The Computer Science Boom

This high demand comes from tech and non-tech companies and the need to put software developer skills to use, for virtually every area of ​​technology.

They don't just create, design, and build the programs and applications that many businesses rely on. They are also in charge of the management, maintenance, development and innovation of everything that encompasses the technology field.

Topics such as computer systems, algorithms and programming, software, hardware, data organization systems are deepened in the Computer Science degree.

Also, that the position spans many verticals and languages, which explains why the demand for candidates is so high.

Margaret Pekelaar, head of people in DevOps Practice at Altron Systems Integration pointed out that firms are hiring for a small pool of IT abilities, and the competition is getting worse as more companies are interested in developing and integrating technology.

IT roles continue to be the most in-demand by companies, while there has also been a sharp increase in hiring for security roles.

Hiring in the IT services and custom software development category led employment growth in the technology sector for May. Hiring also increased in data processing, hosting and related services, manufacturing of computer and electronic products, and other information services, including search engines. 

By contrast, jobs in telecommunications declined, according to the CompTIA report, each and every one of these vacancies that could ideally be filled by computer science graduates.

South African Market

In South Africa the picture is quite encouraging for computer scientists.

According to LinkedIn, there are today more than 10,000 vacancies available for people who have studied a computer science career, not to mention the different jobs they can occupy within an organization and the vacancies available.

“Artificial intelligence and automation are rapidly changing the business landscape, and cyber security and cloud migration are more urgent than ever. In South Africa, IT professionals are able to secure work globally, either through emigration or remote work opportunities, which makes it even harder to secure local talent,” says Pekelaar.

Increase Your Opportunities With A Bachelor's Degree

The key to success is training. For every "inexperienced" technology and digital position advertised, there are approximately eight expert positions available for professionals with a career in computing.

This just goes to show that studying a computer science degree to improve skills on the job is essential to ensuring businesses have the digital skills they need to succeed and you can even get a certificate online.

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According to a survey conducted by Tech Nation and YouGov, 64% of people who work in technology said that having technology skills was essential for landing the job.

Furthermore, 26% believe that upgrading their skills in new digital or technological skills will allow them to earn more in the future.

Employees who choose to upgrade their skills are only part of the equation. Companies that focus on on-the-job training for future developers and technology leaders, including many universities, continue to grow to help grow the talent pipeline.

Even tech companies, including Amazon and Google, have also launched digital skills programs to train employees around the world.

That is why so many universities today include the degree in Computer Science in their curriculum to continue preparing new generations of professionals to face such demand.

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