Study Ecological Restoration and Learn How to Restore the Damage Humans Cause to the Earth

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Are you a nature lover? Would you like to pursue a degree, and later a career, that enables you to restore the damage we cause on the Earth? Learn what degrees you can pursue if you want to become an ecological restoration professional. 

Throughout history, human beings have overcome plenty of challenges. In the meantime, we have overcrowded the world and wiped out its resources, taking more than we needed from nature, without thinking about the consequences.

Since the start  of industrialization, an over-consumption of natural resources has been in place. We are constantly hearing about forest exploitation, indiscriminate deforestation, and the release of waste gasses into the atmosphere. We also know about the constant killing of animals to satisfy human needs and wants, the reallocation of species because their habitat has been wiped out, fires caused by human activities, among other disasters caused by human activities.

This is why the need for expert professionals who take the responsibility to restore those spaces is extremely important for human life as well as for the environment.

What to Expect from Ecology Restoration

Ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems might mitigate the loss of natural resources and biodiversity at a global scale, on top of promoting the restoration of ecosystem services, such as the improvement of water quality and carbon sequestration, according to research performed by the Department of Ecology at the University of Alcalá, the University of Bournemouth and the Center for Ecology and Hydrology in the UK, 

Restoration efforts aimed at biodiversity should increase the ecosystemic services provision, particularly in tropical terrestrial ecosystems, which have the widest biodiversity and are generally subject to a high human pressure. 

How to become an Ecological Restoration Professional in South Africa

If you want to work in Ecological Restoration, you could pursue a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s degree, such as agricultural, environmental, or water resource engineering, geology, or another degree related to the field. It will also be helpful to have experience in habitat restoration and design, plant ecology, soil science, among other things.

If you love the environment, are passionate about nature, are interested in science, and have strong problem-solving skills, a career in Ecological Restoration is just perfect for you.

What do Ecology Restoration Professionals do?

Professionals in the field of ecological restoration work to repair ecosystems or natural habitats that have been damaged by human activities, mainly through industrial processes.

These professionals are mainly in charge of:

  • Assessing areas that require restoration
  • Identifying causes of damage
  • Working in labs to determine levels of pollution and severity
  • Doing research on how to clean different types of environments
  • Designing environment restoration projects
  • Implementing those projects
  • Educating the public about conservation and ecology

Ecological restoration professionals are mainly concerned with repairing soil, water, and air quality, and they can also choose to specialize in the restoration of only one of these natural resources.

If you are interested in becoming an ecological restoration professional, making a massively positive impact both on the environment and people, and giving different environments their beauty and health back, click here to find more information regarding the different degrees you can pursue.

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